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Colorado Boiler has 83 years of experience servicing and repairing boilers. In 83 years we have worked on everything from small hot water heating boilers to high-pressure super heated steam power plant boilers. We have also worked on the old railroad steam engines of yesterday to the new boilers of today.


  • The following is a list of what we do:

  • Boiler retubing

  • Boiler refractory and repair

  • Annual boiler inspections

  • Code boiler process piping.

  • ‘R’-Stamp code repair

  • ASME ‘S’-Stamp code fabrication

  • ASME ’U’-Stamp pressure vessel fabrication

  • New and used boiler installation

  • Boiler controls and parts

  • Heat exchanger repair

  • Boiler cleaning

  • Historical boiler and steam engine repair

R-Stamp Welding

A welded repair to any ASME fabricated boilers and pressure vessels are required by law to be performed by a current ‘R’- Stamp holder. We hold ‘R’-Stamp # 2529, and we are authorized by the NBIC to perform any welded repairs that you may need.

Boiler Refractory and Repair
Boiler Retubes

We specialize in retubing all makes and sizes of boilers and heat exchangers. We have extensive experience with all sizes from 1/8th heat exchanger tubes to 5-1/2’’ super heat tubes on an 1928 steam locomotive. We pride ourselves at being the best when it comes to tube work.


We have extensive experience when it comes to refractory repair. We have covered the gamut from patching refractory in a 40 – HP boiler door to replacing a burner ring on a 60,000 LB/HR Nebraska boiler.

U-Stamp Code Vessel Fabrication


If you should ever need a code pressure vessel, air receiver, or a fabricated piece for your boiler, we hold ‘S’-Stamp # 40,396 and ‘U’-Stamp # 40,397. We can manufacture whatever you may need to code requirements.    


We can meet any of your code unfired pressure vessel fabrication needs.

Historical Steam Engine Repair

With 83 years of experience under our belt, we have acquired the knowledge and the specialized tools that is needed to repair historical boilers. We have retubed, restayed, reriveted many different boilers. We have worked on everything from old turn of the century threshing engines to railroad steam engines. Repairing and working on these old engines has become a lost art. We are proud to say we are one of the few that can still work on them.

Colorado Boiler Repair

As you can see when it comes to boilers we have it covered. No matter what size, shape, type, or age we have the bases covered when it comes to boiler repair.



The National Board recommends that receivers be tested every Three years. We are equipped to give your air receivers a complete thorough inspection including Ultrasonic testing to make sure there is no corrosion, and an internal inspection with Inspection Report.

Air Receiver Inspections

 Colorado Boiler

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