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Colorado Boiler has had a rich past in the boiler industry. Our beginnings date back to 1933 when Phillip Kalmbach opened Colorado Boiler. He operated out of an old (now historic) firehouse in the heart of Denver (In what is now Coors Field). In those days everything was riveted and welding rods had to have the coating wrapped around them. Phillip Kalmbach ran the business until his passing in 1966. His son George Kalmbach who started to go to work with him when he was 10 years old took over the business. George continued to operate and build the business until his death in 1998. It was said that the Two things George could not fix was (1) A broken heart and (2) The crack of dawn! Time after time he repaired boilers that a majority of people thought were beyond repair.

Upon George’s death in 1998, his son Ed took over. Ed started working summers with his father when he was 11, and then full time since 1980. It is his goal as it was his fathers and grandfathers that Colorado Boiler continue to serve the Rocky Mountain region with exceptional boiler repair and quality service. We are a business with a long history of boiler service and experience, but we know that it alone does not guarantee success. What guarantees success is to provide our customers with quality workmanship done in a timely manner!


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Colorado Boiler
Ed Kalmbach, President of Colorado Boiler

George Kalmbach


Ed's Dad

Ed Kalmbach, President


Colorado Boiler Founder

Phillip Kalmbach, Founder


Ed's Grandfather

 Colorado Boiler

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